mike lentini

Amazon Instant Video

During my time at Amazon I worked on various projects for Amazon Instant Video, including the encoding workflow and the Kindle Fire video player.

Amazon Instant Video

For my first summer at Amazon, I worked on the encoding workflow. Publishers send Amazon videos and they are converted into a variety of formats for different devices and into different quality levels.

My first project on this team was to automatically collect metrics about how much storage space was being used on our CDNs and to then report that to Amazon's internal tools to get some nice graphs to show this data and alarms for if we were using too much space.

My second project was to create a small API for developers on our team to easily report metrics about encoding workflows to Amazon's internal tools, so we would be able to monitor failures and other issues.

Kindle Fire

My second summer at Amazon was on the Android Video Playback team, working on the Kindle Fire devices.

I began by learning about the Smooth Streaming implementation that Amazon uses and moved on to working on things related to video quality and improving the user experience.

I worked on things such as changing video quality based on the user's bandwidth and handling buffering to give the user a good experience, as well as collecting and reporting various metrics related to video playback. I also worked with other teams to work towards the release of the Kindle Fire HDX.